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Get a free quote to convert your vehicle to LPG and save money on your fuel bill, and possible even be exempt from the London Congestion Charge.

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Market Leaders in LPG Conversion

We provide you with the latest in LPG clean fuel technology. We are a market leader in the supply and installation of LPG conversions for all types of vehicle.


We believe in giving a high quality service both in terms of product, and after service care. Unlike some providers, we make sure that all LPG installations are completed to a high quality and are LPGA Certified for peace of mind and no risks to safety or higher insurance costs.

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Save up to 40% on fuel costs

Rising tax on Petrol and a low tax on LPG means that LPG conversion is an economical choice for all motorists. With an overall lower cost for the fuel and an exemption to congestion charges, this all means handfuls of cash to
spend on something more interesting.


LPG Fleet Conversions

AFS is fully equipped to cater for the modern fleet manager. Bulk refuelling facilities also offer fleets LPG from as little as £0.20p per litre for both huge savings and convenience.
See what AFS can offer for fleet conversions to LPG, or lpg Van conversions.

LPG Conversion Congestion Charge Exemption

Regular visitors to London will know that the London Congestion Charge is expensive.  One of the best ways to avoid the charge is with an exemption, such as by converting to LPG.  Read more about the London Congestion Charge and the possible savings.

LPG conversion; use your car, love the environment

LPG conversion creates cleaner cars. LPG is cleaner than petrol for cold starts and short journeys, which account for about 60% of all vehicle traffic and the majority of urban emissions.  Overall emissions are also lower. See what LPG can do for the environment.

Contact AFS for any LPG conversion related enquiries

Get a free quote on your vehicle for conversion to LPG, you can use our online form, or contact us directly:



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LPG conversions - for every day use

Having an LPG conversion is very simple to run, simple to refill, saves money, and saves the environment.